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"You know the feeling when you want to tell the author thank you for understanding and being there? This book is it! Not only does the book read like a good friend...but, there are so many ideas and suggestions to make life even better. Since reading, I have noticed so many double stixs popping up in my life. A MUST read!!!" - Healthy Nut, An Amazon Review

"There is real and emotionally motivated self improvement techniques in this book that I wish I understood earlier in life. An example of advice in Double Stixs which I found personally important was, "Communicating Expressions of Gratitude." The idea itself is universal but do we have the discipline and the concern for others to act on this advice and make a change in our life that allows others know what we think and believe about them? These recommendations and tips to influence the people we love in a positive way can change your life, especially if you have a hard time communicating your feelings..." - Patrick Highers, An Amazon Review

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